23 thoughts on “Megan Fox – Snapchat Selfie While Having Sex – Fake or not?

    1. Longman

      Clearly is fake, look very closely and thoroughly at the top-edge of her forehead, where there is less hair, skin colors don’t match & looks cut-off. Other proofs, her husband doesn’t have those tatoos & there is no tatoo on her left side.

  1. Colin

    Fake. Check out her lack of tattoos and her husband has other tattoos not like that on his arm

  2. Disappointing

    It’s fake. Moles don’t add up. Also, if the snapchat thing was reall at 2, there would’ve still been a white line around the square.

  3. SelfieLover

    Definitely fake. Her husband has completely different tattoos on his left arm. And as others have pointed out none of her tattoos are showing either. Not a bad fake (I’d fap to it) but fake nevertheless.

  4. anonymoose

    are you all freaking idiots? is the photoshopped face NOT obvious enough? seriously?!

  5. BeavisI

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